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Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia.


April, 2014.


Self Project.


Research, Illustration, Photography, Photo-Editing, Photo-Shooting, Design and Layout, Typography, Colour Schemes, Hand-Made Products, Marketing, Advertising, Business Planning, Selling Products.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Etsy.


As a part of a University Assessment and personal project, our brief was to propose and create a new business, business product and advertising campaign. My idea started from illustrations I had started during the semester break. Simple animals with a unique pattern inside them. The illustrations consisted of an elephant, tiger, giraffe, rhinos-auras, snake and toucan. The process of printing with little to no costs consisted of drawing the designs onto linoleum and cutting them out. I was then screen printing them with the linoleum cut-outs onto the fabric of the cushion covers. This was a new hobby for me and a new experience of creating a product that was handmade, ready to be sold online.


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